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Flexible Mortgages: What to look for

Interest charged daily

This is one of the major advantages of a good flexible mortgage. Most traditional mortgages calculate the interest charged on a mortgage at the end of the year, or at best the end of the month. The problem with this is if you pay capital off early, interest charges do not reflect the reduced capital until up to a year later. Cumulatively, this adds up to very significant interest being charged on money already paid back. By charging interest on a daily basis, flexible mortgages only charge interest on the amount borrowed at any time. This saves thousands if regular overpayments are made.

Withdrawal facility

Many flexible mortgages will allow you to draw further funds from your mortgage when you need them, without the need for any further authorisation. These withdrawals are simply added to the mortgage debt, so allowing you to borrow at your mortgages interest rate.

Some lenders take this facility to it's logical conclusion and actually issue you with a cheque book, allowing you to use your mortgage as an all encompassing bank account .

The lender will set a predefined limit to the amount you can borrow, normally up to 95% of your property's value.
Over and Underpayment facility

A quality flexible mortgage will allow you to make overpayments as often as you like, whether they be lump sum payments you make every year, additional payments every month or a combination of both, without applying any penalties. Furthermore, some lenders will allow you to take 'payment holidays' of up to six months, providing you've built 'credit' up through previous overpayments. This can be especially useful for the self employed, whose incomes tend to hit peaks and troughs.

Our Fees

We charge a fee of £185 only on completion of your mortgage.  We will also be paid commission by the lender.

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